The Guía Repsol talks about an afternoon at Churreria Ramon

The Guía Repsol, is a Spanish tourist guide created in 1981 that proposes routes and itineraries by car, and provides information, of tourist interest, of the places through which it is possible to pass, giving a great importance to the gastronomy.

The fact that a churrería appears in the Repsol Guide means that it probably makes one of the best churros in all of Spain.

This is what the Repsol Guide to Churreria Ramon says: “The Marbella town hall is still in the same place, next to several restaurants and shops, but no place has the charisma of this churrería. And although in most of Spain this is the time when most churros are eaten, here the star season is in summer, when up to 2,000 people can pass through the tables in a single day and one of those sacks of flour with 40 kilos barely lasts a day. However, the microclimate of the city enables visitors to enjoy churros in the sun in the middle of winter, to the joy of tourists.

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