Canal Sur talks about Churrería Ramón in this video

“Historic churro restaurant where they make what are considered some of the best churros in Spain” says the reporter.

In the middle of summer, in Marbella, from 10.00, their light tables, lined up in a corner in the Plaza de los Naranjos in Marbella, full of people, their objective, to have a peaceful breakfast under big umbrellas.

To begin with, some of the natural juices, creative mixtures (pineapple and mango, orange with carrot) that are prepared on sight, then their famous freshly made tejeringos, which are accompanied by coffee with milk or dark chocolate.

Until you try these churros (the best in Spain), you do not have an exact awareness of their true gastronomic dimension, granulated spirals, hollow dough, with the calibre of a finger thick, which once on the tables are sprinkled with white sugar and cut up with your hands, churros even dietary, dry, crunchy and ethereal. Highly popular pastries in a 21st century version.